Prayer is the way that God has setup for his people to interact personally with him. Through prayer we participate in relational conversation with God, and he has made it that prayer is a means of affecting him to act in and for us. Prayer is vitally important, more so than any other aspect of ministry.

We send out regular updates over email that you can sign up to receive, but in the meantime here are the things that we regularly are praying over, and we ask you to join us!

Pray that our kids would grow to know and love the Lord and to walk in his ways.

Pray that the hearts and minds of the Japanese people would be softened to the Gospel message, and that God would send more workers to the field.

Pray that we are kept from sin and harm, as we know that missions can be dangerous. Our Enemy does not want to cede ground to the people of God, particularly ground like Japan that has been so long held in spiritual captivity.

Pray for Jonas as he studies in seminary, to labor well and be balanced and faithful also with family and support raising.

Pray for Christina as she is the primary homemaker and spends the most time actively parenting right now, that her stress would be managed well and that the children would learn well from her each day.

Rejoice with us that, above all, God will build his church. He is gathering a people for himself, and nothing can stop that. He is bringing about his own glory and our greatest good! Amen!