Community Arts


Creating community through the Arts

During our time living in Japan (2012-2016) we became part of Community Arts Tokyo, an organization started by MTW missionaries Roger and Abi Lowther that serves Japan in artistic, practicaCommunity Arts Tokyo Logol ways (most recently by performing for refugees of the Kumamoto earthquakes). When we return to Japan we will continue to be a part of this ministry, alongside our work with Para.

From the CAT website:

“Community Arts Tokyo is dedicated to connecting people through the arts. We are a local community-based group in Tokyo’s “shitamachi” (historic downtown area) reconnecting the arts to society and our daily lives. Art helps us to understand the world around us, respond to it, and wrestle with it. It then give us the vision and power to bring about the future we seek, for the flourishing of humanity at local, national, and global levels.

Community Arts Tokyo offers performances, lectures, symposiums, lessons, masterclasses, screenings, and exhibitions. We are responsible for a wide range of music education, from college preparation for overseas study to children exposed to music for the very first time. We remain closely connected to the professional art world in Japan  through formal events (concerts, panel discussions, etc.) and informal events (fellowship dinners, sharing times, parties, etc.). We also work to connect and provide resources for churches from many denominations and groups through the arts and worship.”